Prem Baby Troubles

penguin_2When Ngaire Cockerill gave birth to her 3 lb 14oz son Clarke after 30 weeks of pregnancy, she wanted to protect the health of her tiny new arrival as much as possible.

But Ngaire soon discovered that keeping premature (or preemie) babies like little Clark warm and clothed wasn’t as straightforward as it would be for babies who grew to full-term before birth.

No Source Of Premature Baby Clothes

While Ngaire learnt that some baby retailers and department stores have a premature baby clothing section, the clothes they provided were similar to regular baby clothes but smaller. The fabric was the same, and not well suited to the delicate skin of a prematurely born baby, who may have a very thin outer layer of skin. Also the available outfits did not provide any access points for the IV (intravenous) and PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) tubes that Clarke needed to be connected to while the hospital was monitoring him.

Just picking up little Clarke proved to be problematic. Even if the nurses managed to fit connections to all of the monitoring equipment under Clarke’s clothes, wires were pulled to stretching point when Ngaire and her husband tried to hold Clarke close. The parents had to resort to disconnecting all the connections first before picking up Clarke from the incubator, and then asking the nursing staff to reconnect Clarke when they’d finished.

Trying To Keep Warm

Also Clarke’s head needed to be kept warm with a hat to prevent loss of body heat. Trying to put his hat back into place while holding and feeding him proved very difficult.

Ngaire began to wonder how other mums and dads of preemies coped with shopping for suitable clothes. Did they all have to resort to buying a jumpsuit here from one shop, and a cosy bag here from another shop, because suitable clothing was so hard to find from all the available outlets? The major baby clothing retailers seemed to provide preemie clothes as an afterthought, compromising on fabric quality, design and fit.

Who better would know the complete clothing requirements of premature babies than the nurses who took care of them every day in the Special Care Baby unit (SCBU)? By talking to the nurses and investigating the needs of children like Clarke, Ngaire began to design Dinki Dreams, a special range of clothing and accessories for preemie babies, uniquely adapted to their requirements. For example, the Dinki cape has a hood attached to a wraparound blanket so that the premature baby’s head is always covered. Baby is kept warm and there’s plenty of access for connections to PICC and IV wires.

SBCU Were So Helpful

Over a few months, Ngaire’s range of specially adapted clothes have been tested by SCBU nurses who confirmed that Dinki Dreams offers practical, well made and comfortable clothing solutions for babies like Clarke. So if you are the parents of a preemie, you don’t need to search around a number of retailers anymore – you can go to Dinki Dreams at for a one-stop shop.

Books Are Great Teachers in Business

d6eeb15823440dc7ad2fbd73420b1f4bIf your goal is to start your own business or to develop the one that you already have, it is very important to have the right knowledge about this. There are plenty of ways to achieve the needed knowledge – you can take classes, you can take special courses or you can go back to school. However, there is also the possibility of learn about business directly from books.

That’s right – the books represent everything that you need to know about any domain. There are plenty of books in any library, and the business area is vast enough to allow you to find everything that you might need. Here is how to find books about business.

Know What You Want

business-books1This is the first and most important step in your pursuit of knowledge. You need to know what exactly you want to learn about. There are different areas about business – you can learn information about accountability, about how to run a business, about what kinds of businesses there are and others. If you are at the beginning of your career as entrepreneur, then you should be searching about information on how to start your own business. There are plenty of books containing advice and ideas about this.

Ask Around

If you have friends who have their own businesses, it’s a good opportunity to ask them about what books have they used. No matter what courses someone has, the books will always represent the base for everything, and a business makes no exception. Your entrepreneur friends can surely give you suggestions about what business books to read. There are different topics, and you will surely gather some interesting books to study in your free time.

Look Online

images (1)The online environment represents a vast library, where you can find plenty of books about businesses. There are also different lists made, like the 10 business books everyone should know about, which offer you the titles and a little intro into them. It’s a good way to start like this, especially if you are just beginning. Even if you don’t get the full text of the book, you will at least be able to make a list of good books to read them in the nearest future.

However, there are plenty of websites who are offering free books about business, but you also need to know exactly what you are looking for. There are different domains, and usually those books will have a short presentation to know exactly what you are looking at.

Take a Business Class

imagesThose classes are made especially for those who are just beginning their careers as entrepreneurs. In a class, you will have access to plenty of useful information, but you will also have access to different recommendations about what books to read for your kind of business. Usually, the classes are made with few students, so the courses are personalized to fit the profile of each participant. This way, you will be able to get in contact with people who are specialized in what you are interested – starting a business, growing it or expanding it.

Go to the Library

stock-illustration-70775961-books-step-business-education-infographicYes, libraries are believed to be relics for some people, but the truth is that the library is a place where you will find plenty of information. There is a whole section in any library dedicated to business, and you will surely find there any title that you want. For example, if you already have a list with some books about business that you have compiled with recommendations made by friends, teachers or take from the online environment, the library is the only place where you will have easy access to them.

All you need is a library permit, and you will have access to all kinds of books. The best thing about the library permit is that is offers you access to more than business books, as there you will find almost anything of interest or not.