It’s certainly true any business is tough in these strange times in which we live at the moment.

We keep hearing about businesses having to pivot to make the best of the new scenario. The high street dying, the rise and rise of online sales.

But, what about used car sales?

We’ve seen Cazoo enter the market in the United Kingdom with their campaign to “buy a used car from your settee”, but is it working?


The Team at aCar2Go

We spoke to Mark Duncan at aCar2Go just outside of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire U.K for a view.

Mark, you have been in used cars for many years, what is your take on companies like Cazoo trying to muscle in on what has traditionally been a forecourt business?

Interesting Times

“It’s an interesting one”, he smiles, “we very much trade on our highly personal service and have many customers who come back to use time after time. They buy cars for themselves, their wives and their children.

We are well known in the local area for selling quality used cars that we fully service and if there is a complaint we deal with it quickly, efficiently and sympathetically. This means we have a good reputation and word of mouth and customer service is important to us”.

That’s great to hear and I love stories where customer service truly wins out. My belief is you cannot get true customer service online, without that personal touch.

Customer Service In Used Car Sales

“Very much so”, Mark jumps at the thought, “I think used car sales is a particular case in point. You want to see how people react to sitting in a car, how the react to the colour of the car, the smell, the touch, the feel. You can only gauge that if you are actually with the person and they are looking at and assessing their potential new car. I teach my sales people to look for people’s reactions and when they get a god reaction ask questions about how and why the person has reacted the way they have”.

So, it’s all about sales then?

Psychology Sells Cars

“More than that in my opinion, it’s psychology”, he smiles over his coffee, “it’s about what turns the customer “on” when they look at a car. Are they visual, auditory or kinesthetic people? Are they turned on by the look of the car, the feel of it, or the smell or the sound it makes when it’s fired up?”

“My sales people are trained to spot this and gently direct the customer to what they think is the best fit in terms of a used car for them. It’s an art!  But, as I said, people keep coming back to buy their cars from us and we are in essentially a small village location here in Aston Clinton just outside of Aylesbury”.

“It’s areas such as this that I can’t see how an operation like Cazoo can win? I don’t want to be disparaging about their business model, but I just can’t see they would end up having customers as satisfied as ours are? We like our customers to totally fall in love with their new car before they hand over the money. Cazoo just seems a little bit too clinical to me, after all buying a car has always been, and I believe will always remian, an emotional decison”.

I agree, Mark, and as I said, I am all for true persoanl service.

You can find aCar2Go by clicking here.

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